• Trust your feelings.

  • Remember, it’s not your fault that you encounter image-based sexual violence. Don’t blame yourself, and certainly don’t face it yourself.

  • When necessary, seek assistance from professional organisations in your country or region. You’re not alone.


Support Services


Support services: accompaniment support on judicial procedures, counselling, take-down assistance and legal consultations.

Target: Female victim-survivors of sexual violence aged 14 or above and their supporters

 2375 5322 |  SafeChat WhatsApp |

Midnight Blue

Service: Case follow-up, counselling, police report accompaniment, legal consultation, rapid HIV testing

Target: Male & trans sex workers, gay men, sex work clients

 2493 4555 |  mnb4555 |

Aids Conceern

Service: Case follow-up, individual and couple counselling, rapid HIV testing, peer support network

Target: Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), heterosexual men, teenage girls

 2394 6677 |  WhatsApp |

Teen’s Key – Young Women Development Network

Service: Case follow-up, counselling, police report accompaniment, legal consultation, sexual heath testing service

Target: Teenage girls, female sex workers, PTGF, young mothers

2302 0068  |


Take-Down Assistance (Ta-DA)’ is a support service to assist victim-survivors of image-based sexual abuse in reporting intimate images that are non-consensually distributed (the image) to online platforms for removal. Through Ta-DA, the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women will make the request-for-removal on behalf of the victim-survivors. Please complete the form below if you wish to make a request through us, we will review the information provided and assist accordingly. If you have any enquires, please get in touch through email:

What Ta-DA can help
  • Ta-DA supports people of all genders and sexualities
  • The image is recorded covertly/taken without consent
  • The person depicted in the intimate image may have consented for its recording/production, but the image is shared without their consent or knowledge
  • The reported internet platform could be local or overseas websites or applications
What Ta-DA cannot help
The person depicted in the image is under the age of 16
As constrained by Prevention of Child Pornography Ordinance (Cap. 579), the form below does not collect URL/s that link to images that depict individual under the age of 16. Please continue to complete the form, we will contact you to follow-up.
If you require further support, Please contact RainLily Sexual Violence Helpline 2375 5322SafeChat Online Support or email
Why report through Ta-DA
While we cannot guarantee the image will be taken down, the service has been in on-going contact with different online platforms on the issue of image-based sexual abuse, and have established contact windows with some of these platforms. We also work with overseas IBSA support organisations to report related contents. We also hope that reporting through us can reduce retraumatisation in the process.
Preserving evidence
After completing and submitting the form below, we will get in touch with the platform/s to make a removal request. If you wish to preserve the evidencce (e.g. recording where/when the content is distributed and distributed by whom through screenshots), please do that before form submission.


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Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation

Institute of Watch Internet Network (iWIN)


Sexual Assault Care Centre

Solid Ground


Korea Cyber Sexual Violence Response Center

Korea Women’s Hotline

Korea Sexual Violence Relief Centre

Digital Sexual Violence Support Centre


Safer Internet Association


Cyber Civil Rights Initiative
CopyByte Practical Copyright Consulting
Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)



Office of the eSafety Commissioner

New Zealand


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If you have experienced sexual violence, it is not your fault and you are not alone.

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